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Personal Training

My personal training style is based on each individual's goals, fitness levels, age, injuries, and personality. In my 26 years of being a personal trainer,  I have worked with knee, shoulder, back, and hip injuries to improve quality of life and relieve pain. You do not have to be intimidated, shy, or think that you have to wait to get in shape in order to work together, and allow me to guide you as a personal trainer. My approach as a personal trainer is gentle yet effective and I personalize each workout according to each individual client. Working one-on-one as a  personal trainer gives me the hands-on approach to how YOUR body works and allows me to focus on your form and make sure you are exercising correctly. I also take into account that each client's personality is different and we work together as a team to make sure you reach your health and fitness goals.

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HAVE FUN AND MOVE YOUR BODY WITH ME ON FACETIME!!! I have been working virtually with clients for a long time. I will motivate you and keep you engaged and moving. I am offering FaceTime, video chat workouts, emails, and nutrition plans. Each hour virtual workout is $70.

“I loved my FaceTime workout with Deb! It was a really convenient (and Covid-era approved!) way to bring my favorite trainer into my home. If you’re like me, you know you should at least do a home workout if you can’t get to the gym or go outside, but actually doing it requires a level of motivation I just don’t have. I own almost no equipment but that was no issue- Deb put me through a tough full-body workout AND kept me entertained with fun conversation the entire time. Can’t wait to do it again!” KATHY-48, Miami, FL.

One-on-One in-home Personal Training:

If you do not like being in a gym atmosphere, we can work out in the comfort of your home. I will create exercise plans that involve strength training, core work, balance, coordination, stretching, and endurance work in small spaces with minimal equipment. Sessions are 1 hour and start at $85. The price will increase slightly if you live 25 miles or more.

In-home  Group classes:

Get a few of your friends together and enjoy the camaraderie as I lead a fun hour of fitness. In the comfort of your home, at the park, at the lake, or in your backyard. I will make sure to challenge each one of you at your own levels of fitness but in a group setting. I encourage you to find friends of all fitness levels and all ages because you will inspire each other as I make sure that no one is uncomfortable and everyone gets a great workout. Group classes are a ton of fun and they lower the cost per person. Prices vary based on the number of people in the group.

One-on-One Personal training in a gym:

There are several private trainers gyms where I train my clients. If you prefer being in a gym atmosphere, let me know where you live or what area is best for you, and I can find a gym that you enjoy and that feels comfortable. These gyms do not require a membership. Prices start at $75 per hour.


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